Water & WasteWater

Using standard industrial equipment and highly professional services, Kubtech Engineering can provide to clients:
• Pressure, level, flow and other process measurements
• Process regulation and control
• Pump control with or without pump speed regulation
• Remote monitoring and control

We have experience, know-how and specific solutions which were used in many water and wastewater  applications such as:
• Wells and other water sources automation
• Drinking water treatment plant automation
• Pump station automation
• Reservoir monitoring and control
• Measurements, regulation and control within the water distribution network, including zoning
• Wastewater treatment plant automation/turnkey projects

Food & Beverage Industry

Kubtech Engineering features includes:
• Usage of standard industrial equipment for control system
• Integration of new or existing subsystems
• Central monitoring of whole system web access

• Meat processing
• Vegetable oil
• Dairy
• Brewery
• Sugar
• Confectionery
• Ice cream

Building automation

System integration performed by PLC communication with
• Boiler controller
• Chiller controller
• Room controllers
• Security alarm control unit
• Fire alarm control unit
• Access control system
• Other subsystems

Other Industries

Kubtech Engineering also provides Automation systems and solutions applicable and in in operation in:
• Power generation and distribution plants
• Petrochemical industry
• Metal industry
• Chemical industry
• Rubber industry
• Pharmaceuticals
• Cement industry
• Automobile industry
• Textile industry