Digital chlorine dioxide sensor Memosens CCS50D

The Memosens CCS50D is a robust, low-maintenance digital sensor designed for reliable and precise measurement of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in various water applications.

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Endress+Hauser Liquiline System CA80PH: Continuous Orthophosphate Analyzer

The Liquiline System CA80PH is a precise and efficient online analyzer specifically designed to measure orthophosphate in wastewater treatment applications. It utilizes a colorimetric measuring principle to deliver accurate and reliable results, enabling optimal dosing of precipitants for effective phosphate removal.

Key features and benefits:

  • Accurate orthophosphate measurement: Optimize treatment efficiency and minimize chemical usage with precise data on orthophosphate levels.
  • Plug-and-play simplicity: Connect up to four Memosens sensors for hassle-free installation and maintenance.
  • Automated operation: Automatic calibration and cleaning reduce manual intervention and operating costs.
  • Long reagent life: Enjoy reduced maintenance and lower costs thanks to efficient reagent utilization.
  • Modular design: Easily expand functionality with additional modules as needed.
  • Remote access and diagnostics: Ensure process safety and simplify compliance reporting with advanced diagnostic features.
  • Data security: Secure data storage and transmission guarantee data integrity and compliance.
  • Wide range of communication protocols: Integrate seamlessly into your existing process control systems.


  • Precise dosing of precipitants in aeration basins
  • Monitoring wastewater treatment plant outlets
  • Compliance monitoring for regulatory requirements
  • Optimizing treatment performance and resource efficiency

Additional benefits:

  • Cooled version available: Extend reagent shelf life for extended operation and reduced waste.
  • User-configurable settings: Tailor measurement intervals, cleaning schedules, and alarms to specific needs.
  • Web server interface: Access data and manage settings remotely for convenient monitoring and control.

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for continuous orthophosphate monitoring in wastewater treatment, the Endress+Hauser Liquiline System CA80PH is a perfect choice.


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